Risk Disclaimer

We are not a trading firm and will never provide trading advice. We would just like to highlight the risks involved with trading.


Trading the financial currency markets and cryptocurrency markets involves levels of high risks. You are speculating your capital and betting on which way you believe the market will move. Your capital will always be at risk and with some brokers, you can end up owing more money than you started with.

You should NEVER trade with funds that you can’t afford to lose.

The funds you use to trade with should be fully yours and have no negative impact if you were to lose all of them. When trading it is almost certain your money will go down at some point. This may be by losses or drawdown. You should be fully prepared for this and the emotional stress it could have on you. No one can guarantee anything in trading. The markets can change at any time and can wipe your whole account (if no protection). No one can predict this. You should always cash in profit when you can and run in risk-free money.

You should ask yourself the following questions before trading:

  • Can I afford to lose more than I invest?
  • Will the emotions of losing cause me stress that will affect my life?
  • Do I understand there is a high probability that I can lose?
  • Do I understand that trading can be looked at as gambling and therefore could get addictive?
  • Can I dedicate enough time to at least learn the basics?
  • Do I understand that no one can guarantee anything in trading?
  • Do I understand that supercar, Rolex’s and materialistic goods showed by traders on social media are not a true representation of trading?

These questions should allow you to think in more detail and decide whether to trade for you. Trading can be very enjoyable and can change your life BUT there are risks and you need to understand these. Here at Apex Trading, our software is designed to give you a hands-free approach to trading. This doesn’t eliminate total risk. Even with our software, there are risks involved.