Elite Keeps getting better and better!

Can’t describe well enough what a game changer the service Elite trading service provide!

I own 3 of the bots and they all run great and nearly always hit there daily targets, and when run on appropriate settings you just won’t find a place that is better for your investment!

Seen some negative comments recently on the review but seems it’s just childish people who used far too risky, non recommended settings then complain when it doesn’t work out for them!

Special shout-out to Syzmon who is nothing short of amazing at what he does! Wether it be talking you’s through a process on how to set up new bots or getting back about a question you’ve got no matter how basic or advanced the question is 🙌🏻

~ Harry

Literally just amazing

Literally just amazing. The control you have with settings is just amazing 👌.

Customer service is the BEST you will ever find. Szymon has been an absolute star in helping me start up confidently. It was a little overwhelming at the beginning as I HAD NO CLUE at all what I needed to to do but with Szymon patiently guiding me through what to do giving simple easy to follow instructions making the experience just smooth.

1000% recommend everyone to give it a go :)

many thanks!

~ Safwan

Great product, great customer service

I will admit I was initially hesistant due to the price of the product, but after purchasing I have zero regrets.

I have no real experience with fx bots or MT4, but Szymon really went above and beyond without his help there is no way I would ever have been able to get this setup.

I am happy that the bot works better than advertised.

~ Chad

Fantastic Customer Service and Bots

Started my process back in October, after losing money with signals senders. It took me a while to trust the process, but the help I got from their customer service is outstanding.

Szymon went above and beyond, helping me with the setting up and other things that I needed. The telegram community is amazing, every day I learn something new.

After 3 weeks demoing I was confident to start my live account, which yesterday was 1 month live and 30% in profit, using the Vici bot. Then I purchased another Vici for my wife and it is smashing as well.

Recently I purchased the Altum V2 wich they describe as a beast. As I am at the beginning stages and on a demo account I've seen great results so far, and I have no doubt once I go live I will see some incredible results.

~ Joao


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