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If you are an experienced trader or a businessman, you must be looking for some ways of passive earning all the time. And how amazing would it be if you could just create software based on your Forex trading strategies? Software running on autopilot and making money for your clients while you take care of other business ventures. 

Sounds too good to be true, right?

It is possible…

Wondering how? With the help of an automated trading bot! You can not only customise it according to your strategies but can also resell it to other traders.

Moreover, a custom trading bot can take your Forex business to the next level by recognizing buying and selling opportunities better than any human brain in the Forex market.

If that sounds interesting to you, then you can get in touch with us right now to discuss your needs and get your hands on our fine-tech retail trading EAs, each of these having varied features along with a commercial license, even allowing you to resell as many times as you want. 

Your options are listed below:

  1.     Reseller – comes with an unlimited reselling license under the existing name
  2.     Whitelabel software - comes with unlimited licenses for resale and is fully customized according to your brand! 
  3.     Custom EAs 

Why investing in an automated EA can be a smart decision?

There are several benefits associated with using custom trading bots. Such as round-the-clock trading, constant monitoring of the state of the market, well-calculated opening positions, lack of emotion and adherence to the risk to reward plan, and precise chart analysis that a human cannot. 

Considering these benefits, most Experienced Forex traders use customized trading bots to upscale businesses. Our coders have over 150 years of combined knowledge in coding and trading, ensuring high reliability and accuracy in our well-designed and fully-loaded trading bots. 

As they say, Buy right, pay once! Buy wrong, and you will always be paying! 

No matter what your strategy is, our expert and experienced developers will create an automated bot right according to your needs - a solution that will be smarter than you think!

What we offer:

  •       Full source file 
  •       Three FREE revisions 
  •       Backtesting for optimized currency pairs 
  •       Built right according to your custom needs
  •       24/7 ongoing support and assistance

Are you still confused about whether or not you should go for it? Contact our customer support service, and we will ensure your confidence and help you deal with all your queries and confusion.