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Introduction to Foreign Exchange - Forex 101 (eBook)

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An educational guide for beginners

Forex trading has been gaining leaps and bounds of popularity among young individuals who are enticed by the thought of making good money with their smartphones and through the comfort of their homes. That is also the reason why we see so many advertisements popping up here and there on our screens, always with a CTA button. 

But unfortunately, some people who jump right into the world of exchanging foreign currencies are faced with multiple failures, hence losing hope in the Forex market. 

According to the Apex Trading analysis, it is just because of the lack of knowledge regarding the concepts of Forex trading and investing. Those who start in an orderly manner with plenty of knowledge and practice become profitable traders. 

But the question arises, how can you achieve that? 

It is pretty simple. We, at Apex Trading, provide you with an easy-to-understand and thorough eBook which will assist you through your Forex Trading journey. 

What you will learn:     

  •       What is Forex
  •       Forex is not a get rich quick scheme
  •       History of Foreign Exchange
  •       Why should YOU trade Forex
  •       Trading Foex 101
  •       Forex Players & Software

The Foreign Exchange 101 is definitely going to provide you with a better understanding of the Forex market right after just one read! So get your hands on this fantastic product for just £19.99.